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About Us

Invisible Creations® was born from a desire to design products that don’t define us by our age.


Older people have been poorly served for too long with products that are stigmatising, clinical and downright ugly.


We’re here to end it.


Our aim is to completely disrupt a market that fosters negative stereotypes and makes people feel vulnerable.


Invisible Creations® was founded in 2019, and launched as a business in 2020, to design for dignity™, to produce products that are inclusive and aid mobility.



Invisible Creations® is producing attractive, dual-purpose and discreet adaptations, strategically placed around the home to help reduce decline in health and make daily living easier. The key driver is prevention; they will be installed into homes as early as possible to enable people to use them as their needs change.


By adopting this approach, Invisible Creations® aims to delay the need for formal care, reduce the financial burden on the NHS and help housing associations improve tenancy sustainment.


Invisible Creations® is also working on new ranges of innovations to support people to live well in their own homes for longer.




Design products that don’t define us by our age or ability; Design for Dignity™.






Embrace and develop innovative, inclusive and individual solutions to create designs that support people to live happier and healthier lives.





Collaboration – working together to Design for Dignity™


Innovation – pushing the boundaries of inclusive products and services


Passion – driving forward design that we all deserve


People – customers are at the heart of all we do


Social heart – striving for safer, healthier and happier lives for longer

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