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Our Design Journey

Our approach to design

At Invisible Creations®,  we’re passionate about developing ideas, concepts and products to enable our customers to live enhanced and healthy lives. 


We collaborate with experts in product development as well as academics, universities, trade bodies, health organisations, government, occupational therapists, local authorities, commercial businesses and more importantly, you, our customers to ensure we are design products to meet your needs. 


Our design approach is problem-driven and we explore and develop solutions for the issues that matter most to you. 


Our mission is to create products that are functional and are universal in design, meaning they can be used by as many people as possible regardless of their age or ability. Our design approach is person-centred to enable us to drive forward design we all deserve.


Our Partners

We work with a range of partners to deliver our Design for Dignity™ mission.

North Product Design
North Product Design (NPD) has been with us since day one. Based in Manchester, and with a new office in London, NPD helped us develop our original concepts and has played a vital role in evolving them into high-quality products fit for our customers.


NPD has a real passion for creating products that have social purpose and are environmentally friendly. Alongside NPD, we aim to develop whole home solutions free of stigma and clinical products.


Our product development hasn’t always been straight forward but NPD has risen to the challenge time and again. From 3D visuals to product sampling, testing and manufacture, NPD provide versatility and they have a huge role to play in the future of Invisible Creations®.


PROCare is more than our distribution partner. We share the same vision and values and are committed to creating products that don’t define us by our age.

A family-owned, well-established specialist adapted shower and bathroom supplier based in Wigan, PROCare also develops and manufacture their own products to ensure they offer quality solutions to their customers.


The team at PROCare share our passion for creating high quality, aesthetically pleasing products that don’t stigmatise people as they age. With over 50 years of experience, Brian Lee and Anthony Turton created PROCare to bring a range of products to the market that are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use. This philosophy is still firmly embedded throughout the company and we’re delighted to be working with the PROCare Team to co-create products that are free of stigma.


Royal College of Arts, Helen Hamlyn Centre 

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (HHCD) at the Royal College of Art (RCA) undertakes design research and projects with the purpose of contributing to improving people’s lives.


The HHCD is the largest and longest-running centre for design research at the Royal College of Art. Originated in the DesignAge action research programme, which was founded in 1991, it became a fully-fledged research centre in 1999; widening its focus from design for the ageing population to design to improve people’s lives across a range of social needs.


The HHCD collaborates with business, academic, government and voluntary sector partners and engages with communities including students, new graduates, and academics.  The Centre develops innovative and empathic research methods – and exchange knowledge via education, events, publications and industrial collaboration.


As champions of accessible design, we’re delighted to be working with RCA to achieve greater insight into how people at later stages of life interact with their homes. Leading us to better understand the products we can develop to ensure a great home solution for, you, our customers.


The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design is endowed by the Helen Hamlyn Trust, a charity dedicated to supporting innovative projects that will effect lasting change and improve quality of life. We share the HHCD’s Director Rama Gheerawo’s values and passion and we look forward to working with both Rama and Dr Chris McGinley on our upcoming project.


Renfrew Group
For more than 30 years, Renfrew Group International (RGi) has used insight and great design to turn ideas into successful, market-defining products. RGi is an award-winning, hands-on product design company that works with good ideas and great people to deliver products that meet the needs of their respective customers. RGi will collaborate with us to achieve objectives with compelling innovations and attractive design propositions.


With medical products being a speciality of RGi, our collaboration is a great fit and we look forward to working with Bruce and the team later in the year to further develop ideas to bring new products to the market.



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