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Working with leading organisations to make Invisible Creations® a reality

Invisible Creations® has come a very long way since the idea left the Greenhouse last year and we are so excited to come back, one year on at this year’s National Housing Federation Annual Summit, to reveal our progress.


We have new and improved products. We have a striking new brand, a real strong social mission and the most exciting of them all… we have created a business.


Designing products that don’t define us by our age isn’t just an idea any more; it’s a real business, with real benefits and a real vision to improve the lives of people as they age in their homes.


We have been working with leading organisations in ageing, housing, academia and health to make Invisible Creations® a reality, and we have been supported throughout by our three Sponsor organisations – North Star, Johnnie Johnson and Karbon.


The older generation have been poorly served for too long with stigmatising and clinical products that make them feel old and vulnerable and we truly believe Invisible Creations® is here to disrupt this.


We have designed attractive and dual-purpose adaptations that give people their dignity back.

We can’t wait to show you them at the Summit in September. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with our products, and learn more about the real business benefits they can offer.


You’ll also learn about why Invisible Creations® is about so much more than just products. Invisible Creations® was born out of a desire to do more…to improve lives, to prolong independence, to design for dignity and to combat stigmas associated with ageing.


The vision for Invisible Creations® sets social value and social purpose at the heart of what we are trying to achieve. Invisible Creations® recognise the significant social, economic and financial impact providing universally designed, attractive, dual-purpose home adaptations can make on both individuals and communities.


For those that feel adaptations signal vulnerability and incapacity, reminding them of mobility lost, Invisible Creations® aims to promote and encourage the view that adaptations signify increased movement and freedom.


Evidence shows that delays in installing adaptations can reduce their effectiveness.  Invisible Creations® key driving force is prevention. By designing better and more discreet adaptations, that remove the stigma, Invisible Creations® will be installed into homes sooner, helping people live healthier and happier for longer.


For housing associations, Invisible Creations® aim to prevent the need to remove home modifications when new tenants move in and improve tenancy sustainment. Ultimately, our aim is to provide lifetime, future-proofed products that support your tenants to live in their homes better and for longer.


Come along and see us at this year’s Annual Summit at the Barbican in London to find out exactly how Invisible Creations® can help improve the lives of your tenants and communities.

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