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Accessible design specialists Invisible Creations® team up with Northumbria University to improve the lives of older people

Accessible design specialists Invisible Creations® team up with Northumbria University to improve the lives of older people

The collaboration aims to develop innovative solutions to support older people to live more independently in their homes for longer.

Invisible Creations® specialises in creating inclusive and stylish home adaptations to aid mobility, prolong independence and support people to live happier and healthier lives. The accessible designers have partnered with Northumbria University to develop creative product concepts that assist mobility in the bathroom; supporting older people to safely navigate their home environments.


Head of Product Design at Invisible Creations®, Paul Pentelow, said “We’re delighted to be working with the talented students at Northumbria University. This project is an opportunity to accelerate Invisible Creations® product development whilst giving the project team a chance to apply their skills to a solve a real-world problem.”


Northumbria University’s design school aims to empower designers with the knowledge, skills and creative confidence to design products relevant to the needs if people, society and business.


Jess Tindall, Project Supervisor, University of Northumbria said: “It is great to have such an interesting and challenging project brief from Invisible Creations® and the close contact with Paul and his team is invaluable to help us to develop the most promising ideas in response to their feedback.”


The University combines industry-run projects with academic learning, and this four month ‘Invisible Futures’ design project gives four ‘Advanced Practice’ Masters students, Srinidhi Nagaraj, Harini Sridhar, Waseem Mukhtiar and Sai Boggula, the opportunity to collaborate with leaders in the accessibility industry to come up with unique solutions to aid mobility for older people.


Srinidhi Nagaraj has several years of experience working as a product development engineer honing products for the cookware industry. Harini Sridhar has a background in architecture, a keen eye for aesthetics and the understanding that products should ideally delight the customer. Waseem Mukhtiar has experience in visualisations and marketing and Sai Boggula has mechanical engineering manufacturing experience. Together they will complement and challenge each other to develop their ideas from initial concepts to a final detailed design proposal.


The project’s goal is to make activities of daily living, specifically toileting, safer and more comfortable for those who require assistance to descend and rise from the seated position. The project team intends to fulfil the design by prioritizing the feel and comfort of the end users by optimally combining the aspects of functionality and aesthetics.


This project will help the research team by providing insight into the current market trends and requirements, improving the student’s applied knowledge and skills in handling a live project and prepare them for a better career after their course of study.


Harini Sridhar, Communication Lead for the project team, University of Northumbria said: “There is a saying ‘Home is where the heart is’, the project that we are working for Invisible Creations® has given us the opportunity to satisfy the people who are in need and to live by the above saying.”


For more information on Invisible Creations® and their innovative accessible solutions visit or if you’re interested in pursuing a career in design visit for information on available courses.