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Invisible Creations® partners with UK charity

We’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with UK charity Arthritis Action

We are delighted to partner with Arthritis Action and are proud to support the charity in its amazing endeavour to ensure people live active lives, free from the impact of arthritis.


Sharing our vision and values and our commitment to support people to live independent, active, and healthy lives, partnering with the charity is a perfect fit for us.


Laura Wood, Marketing Director at Invisible Creations® said: “Arthritis Action is the only UK charity giving hands-on, practical help to combat the pain of arthritis through self-management and lifestyle advice. We’re proud to partner with Arthritis Action to further strengthen our shared commitment to empower people to live active lives and support them to live independently for longer.


“Invisible Creations® was founded to create inclusive and attractive home adaptations, and new ranges of innovative product solutions, to aid mobility and better support people as they age. We’re delighted to see our relationship with Arthritis Action develop into a partnership that will improve the lives of many people.”


Through the partnership, Arthritis Action will receive a donation from Invisible Creations® to support the charity in its mission to empower people living with arthritis and to improve their quality of life.

Shantel Irwin, Chief Executive Officer at Arthritis Action, added: “We are pleased to unveil a new partnership with Invisible Creations®, a company providing home adaptations for people with mobility issues, giving them the support they need to stay active around the home.


“The products can be placed around the home to help reduce decline in health and make daily living easier. Their aim is to delay the need for formal care and reduce the financial burden on the NHS. This collaboration will help us promote our shared vision of improving lives and prolonging independence.”


Watch the video to hear from Arthritis Action’s CEO, Shantel Irwin.


About Arthritis Action

Founded in 1942, Arthritis Action is the only UK charity giving hands-on, practical help to combat the pain of arthritis through self-management and lifestyle advice. They offer people with arthritis a holistic self-management approach, looking at both the physical and mental aspects of arthritis.


Arthritis Action’s self-management approach encompasses a wide array of services, including personal dietary and nutritional advice, and access to therapies with approved practitioners. They also offer people in various communities the opportunity to take part in self-management events and local groups. Through this approach, Arthritis Action has helped people with arthritis gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their condition themselves, and enjoy a more active life with less pain. For more information please visit

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