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Meet our Channel Development Manager

Chelsea Fleming, Channel Development Manager at Invisible Creations®

In the next of our Meet the Team series, get to know more about Chelsea, our Channel Development Manager. As an original team member, Chelsea has been on the journey since day one. Read on to find out more.


What’s your background?


Previously, I worked as an Events Organiser at the National Housing Federation (NHF). During my time at the NHF I was seconded to the Greenhouse Programme where my team developed an idea for discreet, dual-purpose adaptations. When the programme finished, I moved to the Centre for Ageing Better as an Innovation and Change Officer.


What led you to this career and working at Invisible Creations®?


Working on the team that had originally developed the idea, it always stayed at the forefront of my mind as something I would keep shouting about. I wanted to continue the awesome work we’d started and when the opportunity came to join the team again, I jumped at it!


Tell us about your role. What does a typical day look like for you?


I’m the Channel Development Manager and most of my day is spent talking to clients about how our products would really help their customers and future proof the homes they are developing. When I’m not on the phone or in meetings, I spend my time with our partner organisation PROCare to work through our plans and next steps.


What do you love most about your role?


I love talking to people and telling them about our products and why they are so important to improving the lives of older people. My favourite part, which happens so often, is when people are just as passionate as we are, and we could spend hours talking about making a change!


What motivates you?


A really good team and something to believe in. I have both here at Invisible Creations® and am so lucky.


What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on currently?


I’m working with our comms team on an evaluation of our product range which I’m really excited about. We’ll be evaluating how people interact with the products and getting useful feedback to improve and plan for future ranges. I can’t wait to get started and hear the results!


What is the one thing in your industry that you want to fix?


I want to completely abolish ageism. Not just in this industry but in all of them. Too often I talk to people who believe products and services aren’t for them as the marketing is so tailored towards younger demographics (even those in their 40s!). I would love to see every age, race, size, or gender depicted across mainstream marketing.


What is your favourite quote?


There are a few that I love but my favourite is a super simple one which reminds me every day of the amazing women in my life who create their own fate and inspire me to do the same.


‘I prefer a girl hero’ – Moonrise Kingdom


What’s the one song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor?


Mr Brightside by The Killers. I’m still an absolute indie kid at heart and this type of tune gets me every time!


Who has been your greatest influence?


My dad. He raised two girls on his own and spent a lot of time teaching us how to be independent and provide for ourselves. He also says he learnt a lot from us too and that we should always listen and learn from others, no matter what you think you know.


To get in touch with Chelsea, drop her an email or connect on Linkedin.

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