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Sheila’s story

Invisible Creations® is challenging stereotypes and negative stigmas around ageing and disability. Our journey is quite a personal one, inspired by our Marketing Director, Laura Wood’s gran Sheila.


This is Sheila’s story.


Sheila is one of the main reasons we came up with the idea for Invisible Creations® in the first place. She’s a very classy, trendy, proud lady and she was refusing to have adaptations fitted, even though she really needed them, and she was hiding her pendant alarm, even though she really needed it, because in her words, “They’re hideous, they make me feel old, they’re embarrassing, and they don’t go with my home our my outfits.”



She especially did not want the external grab rail; she was worried people would target her house because they knew someone ‘vulnerable’ lived there. Sheila, and from the research we conducted many others do this too, also reduced her food and drink intake to limit her trips to the bathroom, as that’s one of the most likely places to fall. The reality is people would rather put their health at risk than get the current adaptations installed.


Unfortunately, Sheila’s house is now filled with the very things she fought so hard to prevent. Sheila was extremely ill and ended up in hospital for a long period of time, but thankfully she is home now and doing much better. One of the conditions of her coming home was to get grab rails installed, and she had no choice in what she was given.



She came home to find the plastic, ugly grab rails outside her front door and in her bathroom, and as much as she was pleased to be home, she was devastated that she had to compromise her standards and her dignity to do so. She struggles a lot more to move around now, to go out as much as she would like, so spends a lot of time in her home and she wants it to feel like a home, not a hospital.



She wants a better option, and she deserves it.



This isn’t unique to Sheila. Millions of people across the country are making dangerous decisions that damage their health, rather than using the current products available to them. So, we thought the solution was simple, design better, give Sheila and the rapidly ageing population products they actually want, not just ones they need. And that’s exactly what we did. We set off in the pursuit of designing inclusive products that are functional and attractive. We’re proud to say we now have a range of dual-purpose and attractive home adaptations that people are proud to install in their homes.



Led by our research, and the feedback from older people we’ve created a suite of discreet, dual-purpose products that incorporate all of the support of a grab rail, but the style and subtlety of everyday household features – a mirror, toilet roll holder, shower shelf and a plant pot holder.


Invisible Creations® is providing people with products that they want, that they are happy to install into homes earlier, and that ultimately will support them to remain independent in their own homes for longer.


It was such a proud moment for us when Sheila received her Design for Dignity™ products. We want others, just like Sheila, to have products they’re proud to have in their homes; that support their independence without compromising their standards or dignity.



Laura captured the moment and said: “Installing my Gran’s Invisible Creations® products was a huge milestone for us, Sheila helped inspire our team two years ago to design a better option for people who need home adaptations. And now she has beautifully designed products that she’s proud of, that make her feel ‘young and hip’ and that she loves so much she wants to show them off to all of her friends.


“Seeing my Gran’s reaction to getting her new products was super emotional, I see her every day and I see her struggles, I see how much her face drops when she’s faced with clinical looking products that remind her of things she can no longer do, and I see how important retaining her independence, dignity and pride are to her happiness.”



The look on Sheila’s face says it all and we can’t wait for others, just like Sheila, to benefit from attractive, discreet, and dual-purpose products they deserve.



At Invisible Creations®, we believe a home should be a haven, not a hospital and this is reflected in our approach to product design. We want to encourage as many people as possible working in the housing industry, and beyond, to adopt a more inclusive and person-centred approach to design.


We have a real opportunity to change the narrative; to embrace and develop innovative and individual solutions that create designs for real people in all their variability.


If you’d like to find out more about how our products can help you, please enter your details below or get in touch at and one of our team will be in touch.

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