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George's accessible new home

Updated: May 1

George Bell, 74, says his new accessible bungalow is 'life changing'.

George moved into his new home in Sacriston in May 2022, and as a wheelchair user has praised Karbon Homes, for providing much-needed accessible housing in the area.

George has severe arthritis leaving him dependent on using either a wheelchair or arthritic crutches to get around. Living by himself, the bungalow has allowed him to maintain his independence.

“Moving in has been quite life changing. I feel really confident living here by myself as I can access every room in the house with no issue and this boost in confidence has helped me become more independent in other aspects of my life."

George's home as been fitted with a range of our stylish, dual-purpose grab rails, including our toilet roll holder, mirror with shelf and grab rail, corner shower shelf and the plant pot holder rail.

George said: "An added plus is the fantastic grab rails that have been fitted. The ones in the bathroom look really smart and fit in really well with the overall design. I haven’t had any falls since in the bathroom since I’ve been here, which makes a change because I’ve had falls in the past."

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