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Getting to grips with the garden

Updated: May 1

We’re super excited to share that we are working on a brand new project to design our next range of products which will see us develop new stylish grab rails for the outside of your homes.

older lady with a plant pot grab rail high five-ing

We started off with our plant pot holder grab rail to help people get in and out of the house, as we know many homes have steps at the front and back doors which can make it a little tricky, and we now want to design more products that can help people get around garden to enjoy your outdoor space safely and in style.

Lady holding a dog with the Plant Pot holder grab rail

We’re looking for feedback on any outdoor areas around your home that may be a bit challenging and any product suggestions you may have that would make accessing your garden or outside space much easier.

Please drop us an email at if you have any suggestions!

Man with crutches and a neck brace walking out of his house with plant pot holder grab rail in the foreground

two women holding onto the plant pot holder grab rail smiling.

Watch this space for some super exciting new developments!

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