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Greatwell Homes installs Invisible Creations in nearly 200 homes!

We're working with Northamptonshire-based housing association, Greatwell Homes to install mobility aids in over 180 bathrooms for people with additional support needs.

Greatwell Homes are the first housing association to install Invisible Creations products in all supported accommodation bathrooms.

Last year, 46 independent living homes were installed with the Design for Dignity products in a pilot scheme.

Cheryl Gautrey was one of the first people to have these new adaptations installed.

She said: "I had everything moved over last year including my shower rail. They're very sturdy and will stop me from falling over.
"They look so much better as they are all one colour and are so much easier to clean."

All customers in Greatwell Homes' independent living accommodation have been consulted with before installations start taking place in November 2022. The project is aimed to be completed early 2023.

Laura Wood, Director of Invisible Creations, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Greatwell Homes to support their residents to live healthier and happier in their homes for longer.

“We know that safe and accessible housing has the power to maintain and even improve health and wellbeing as people grow older which is why we develop innovative solutions to adapt homes to meet changing needs.

“We create products that are designed to remove the negative stigma so often associated with current assistive and accessible products.

“We believe homes should be a haven, not a hospital and products designed to help you remain independent should be attractive, not clinical.

“We combine everyday household items, such as toilet roll holders, shelves and planters, with support rails to produce a range of grab rails in disguise, providing people with all the help they need to get around the home without needing to compromise on style or dignity.

“Greatwell Homes are investing in the long-term future of both their residents and their homes by installing our Invisible Creations dual-purpose grab rail products into all of their independent living schemes, dramatically improving people’s quality of life by preventing falls, promoting mobility and prolonging independence.

“It’s fantastic to see the dedication, passion and commitment Greatwell Homes have to the health and wellbeing of their residents, they’re really going over and above to ensure that people can live in housing that is suitable, safe and promotes dignity as they grow older.”

Chris Holloway, head of Housing and Neighbourhoods at Greatwell Homes, first saw Invisible Creations at the National Housing Federation Conference in 2019. He said: “As soon as I saw them, I knew there was value in their ideas.

“The pilot we did in 2021 at two of our Independent Living schemes received great feedback so I’m delighted that we can work with Invisible Creations again to roll this out across all our schemes.

“It’s important to us that we continue to invest in our existing homes to ensure they are suitable for people’s needs, as well as making our customers proud of their homes.
“These products are more than just mobility aids. They are giving people with additional support needs the freedom and dignity to live as independently as they wish to and I take great pride in the difference we are making for our customers.”
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