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Kelly’s Disability Christmas gift guide

Updated: Mar 13

Following International Day of Disability, Kelly Allbutt, disability ambassador, shares with us her top 12 Christmas gift ideas for people with impairments and disabilities.

Kelly is a disability consultant and disabled content creator, you can follow her on Instagram and Tiktok @Disabledfatandfabulous

'These products are like little Christmas elves working overtime to make your life easier and more enjoyable during the festive period. They're the gifts that keep on giving!'

Jar and bottle opener gadget

1. Jar & Bottle Opener

These bottle/can openers are seriously lifesavers. I used to struggle so much with opening stuff. No more hurting my hands or bothering someone for help. Best gift ever!

reaching grabber stick

2. Grabber

I drop things all the time because of my grip strength, and The Helping Hands Handi-Grip MAX Reacher/Grabber is like having Inspector Gadget's extendable arm, saving you from those painful stretches.

blue key accessory with extra surface area for easier turning

3. Key turner

For someone with poor dexterity and grip strength, The Active Hands Key Turner unlocks independence! Since I bought the keywings, I can get in and out the house without help, leaving me less frustrated and in a better mood.

Invisible Creations Shower Shelf with a Christmassy background

4. Grab rails

Since having Invisible Creations grab rails fitted in my home, it doesn't seem like such a daunting place. Before it was the primary place for me to fall and hurt myself; now I feel confident about being in there on my own and it doesn't look clinical. Depending on your budget I'd recommend the Deluxe Bathroom Kit.

Ice pack

5. Ice/heat packs

Ice/heat packs are super helpful and come in a variety of sizes and are great for aching joints, sore muscles and migraines. I have 6 and I'm always using them for something.

Colourful medication organiser

6. Dosette box

Dosette boxes come in all shapes, sizes and colours depending on your preferences and how often you need to take your medication. I've used one for 4 years and as someone who forgets to take their pills (and sometimes just doesn't want to) it makes it seem less of a chore and means someone can check if I've taken them or not. I love the bright colours and sleekness of this one.

decorated crutches

7. Cool Crutches

As someone who's used crutches on and off for most of her life, I wish I'd known about Cool Crutches sooner. I used crutches that were dull, boring and clinical when I could have been using a pair of Cool Crutches that went with my outfit and reflected my personality. I especially love the rainbow zebra ones; but you also have the option to design your own!

adult walking assistance with wheels

8. Rollator

My Rollator has made a big difference in the amount of pain I'm in while walking. I'd love to recommend the rollintz, byacre, triumph and topro ones - but the truth is, they’re beyond my budget. But this funky purple one is good value at £98!

Tens Machine

9. Tens machine

As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, I love my tens machine. It has helped me with pain and muscle spasms as well as relieved migraines.

pack of 4 smart plugs

10. Smart plugs

I got these Meross Smart plugs for Christmas last year and they've made such a big difference. They take 2 minutes to set up and mean that I don't fall and hurt myself trying to reach plugs. Instead, I can control everything from my phone.

christmas socks with pockets for heat pads

11) Heat holder socks and gloves

I love going out to festive markets and light displays in winter, but my hands and feet get freezing cold. Heat holders socks and gloves are a must have for me to enjoy the season.

one cup kettle

12)One cup kettle

When I started struggling with muscle weakness, we bought a One Cup Kettle. My wife/carer fills it up in the morning and I can make drinks for myself and my guests all day. There are kettle tippers, but I think the One Cup is easier and more stylish.

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