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Partnership with Arthritis Action

We're proud to partner with UK Charity Arthritis Action to help provide more support to people as they age or their needs change.

Arthritis Action offers an integrated self-management approach, to help address the physical and mental health symptoms of living with arthritis. We're working with the team at Arthritis Action to promote the use of more inclusive home adaptations to support people to live well and independently at home for longer.

If you're living with arthritis, or know someone who is, check out all of the useful tips, guidance and support available from Arthritis Action!

Their self-management approach encompasses a wide array of services, including personal dietary and nutritional advice, as well as access to clinical appointments with approved practitioners. They also offer people the opportunity to take part in self-management events and online groups. Through their approach, they help people with arthritis gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their condition themselves and enjoy a more active life with less pain.

They also run a membership service offering individualised support and access to member benefits. More information can be found on their Membership page.

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