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Our designs blend functionality with elegance, ensuring you don't have to compromise on style to achieve a safe and accessible living environment. Say goodbye to clinical, unattractive grab rails and hello to our modern range which aims to complement and personalise your interior décor, seamlessly integrating into any room.

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“I feel more confident and steady on my feet knowing the grab rails are in place. I used to be scared of slipping in the shower, so I feel much safer with them. I am really happy. They look beautiful and they don’t stand out like the ones I had fitted in my old house.”

Elsie, 88

"Since having Invisible Creations products installed I don't feel as vulnerable. I'm less likely to fall, and if I do I know I can get myself back up again...It makes me happy to know I can use my house a little more independently, and that my house doesn't scream 'disabled' even though I have lots of grab rails to help me.

Kelly Albutt, 29

“I love the products. They’re very stylish and help you live a better life. I truly believe the products will improve people’s lives. You don’t have to worry about tripping or falling. The Plant Pot Holder is very stylish, it reassures me that I won’t fall and creates independence as it gives you something to steady yourself on.”

Charlotte Allen, 53

“Invisible Creations® offers a fantastic alternative to this, with products designed with dignity in mind, high quality, well-designed products that not only provide a solution to mobility issues, but do this in a modern, tasteful way.”

Russ Bradford, 48

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