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Fit for our Future is a campaign to change the perception and delivery of aids and adaptations
We want everyone to have a home that's sustainable, safe and promotes dignity as their needs change.
To do this, we need you and the organisations you work with, to make more homes; Fit for our Future.
We're campaigning and working with a range of housing associations to improve the accessibility of both new and existing homes.
Find out more and how your organisation can support our campaign below.
Are our homes fit for future generations?
Fewer than one in ten UK homes currently meets the basic standard of accessibility. Specialised housing - such as sheltered accommodation or retirement villages - is just one part of the solution.

More homes need to be accessible and adaptable, so we can live in them at all ages.

Over half of housing associations tenants have a long-term illness or disability, but provision is too often disempowering, clinical and stigmatising. Support for independence doesn't have to be this way.

Every home adaptation is an opportunity. If it's unattractive, more people will wait until they get to crisis point before coming forward  to get the help they need. This adds to the costs for health and care, leading to poorer outcomes for tenants and potentially much higher adaptation costs or financial support to help them move home.
We need to think about good accessible and adaptable design across all new and existing homes. Everyone will need some level of support in their home at some stage in their lives, so why aren't our homes more inclusive?

Simple and thoughtful design decisions such as selecting specifications and picking the perfect products really can change lives!

Prevention is key! We need to move away from delivering reactive adaptations, where we wait until someone falls or is taken to hospital before we install adaptations.

We need to fit more future-proofed solutions that are easy to use, easy to maintain and support people to remain independent for as long as possible.
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Kelly's story
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Making more homes accessible and adaptable to meet future needs, has the potential to transform people's lives, people like Kelly.

"Since I've been disabled, I've noticed the world seems to forget that I am still a 29-year-old woman with likes and dislikes. I still want to be house proud, and don't always want constant reminders that I need help. Having support aids installed, ones that aren't clinical and stigmatising, has completely transformed the way I use my home."

"Even though my mobility changes day-to-day depending on my pain levels, fatigue and balance, I use grab rails all throughout my home. It helps me feel more secure about doing things on my own.

"I'm not talking about climbing a mountain, but it's nice to be able to go to the toilet or get in the shower independently. Since having Invisible Creations' products installed, I don't feel as vulnerable. I'm less likely to fall, and if I do I know I can get myself back up again.

"It makes me happy to know I can use my house a little more
independently, and that my house doesn't  scream 'disabled' even though I have a lot of grab rails to help me."
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Pledge your support to the campaign
Fit for our Future is a partnership between registered housing providers who want to do things differently and better, and two leading providers of beautifully designed products to make life easier;
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