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Ann's Story

Updated: May 1

In January 2021, we began our search to find the next face of Invisible Creations®. We asked you to nominate a loved one, friend, or family member and you did not disappoint. We received an overwhelming response to our competition and are thrilled to announce that we have not one, but three new faces of Invisible Creations®.

We’re really passionate about hearing from real people and including real people in all facets of our business. We want to know what matters most to people, what problems they face in their homes, and how we can help support their independence with our products. We believe adapting your home shouldn’t be about compromise, it should be about dignity, choice, and style! And we’re proud to design products that combine both safety and style, promoting mobility and independence.

Meet Ann

Nominated by her daughter Sonya, we’re thrilled that 76-year-old Ann from Cramlington is one of our competition winners. Sonya put Ann forward to be the next face of Invisible Creations® after noticing our products on social media.

“My mum has increasing mobility issues but wouldn’t consider herself to be disabled at this point. She owns her own property and doesn’t like to advertise what could be perceived as a mobility aid which might give the impression of a vulnerability. Invisible Creations® product range is unobtrusive and discreet,” says Sonya.

As part of the competition, we gave entrants the chance to win a full suite of our products and we’re delighted Ann chose our Plant Pot Holder grab rail. When asked what difference our products will make, Sonya added: “The products will support my mum if her mobility does diminish and they’ll be discreet enough that they don’t broadcast the fact. My mum takes huge pride in her home and how it appears to others it is very important to her.” Ann echoes the thoughts of thousands of people who don’t want ugly and clinical-looking products in their homes.

Hear what Ann has to say about our products

Ann is extremely active and is a keen gardener and dog walker. During lockdown she’s proven to be a real asset to her community. “She’s stepped up in her own street to do more and more for her neighbours. They are older and less mobile than she is. Many have been shielding so she’s provided regular grocery shops on their behalf and has even forgotten to do her own as a consequence,” added Sonya. We could all do with a neighbour like Ann and we’re thrilled she’s now part of Invisible Creations®.

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