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Couple over the moon with new adapted home

Updated: May 1

David and Christine McKenzie, wanted to downsize due to health issues, but they were on the waiting list for a bungalow for years and had almost given up hope.

When they were offered this house from Karbon Homes they were over the moon, and the fact the bungalow was already fitted with Invisible Creations® stylish aids in the bathroom was a real plus for them.

Christine, who suffers with nerve damage in her leg that often leaves her unable to walk, said:

“Sometimes I really need the support. I get a bit dizzy and it’s great to have them there to steady me.

I think it’s fantastic that they were already fitted when we moved in and they fit in so well with the bathroom, you would never know they were actually there to give support. As we get older it’s reassuring to know the products are there for us.”

Paul Fiddaman, Chief Executive of Karbon Homes said: “At Karbon we believe everyone should have access to a home that helps them to thrive and remain independent. Invisible Creations® was born from a desire to design products that help achieve this and their business head with a social heart is playing a really important role in ensuring the social housing sector can deliver better, more age friendly, homes.

Working closely with them and installing their products in to both our new and existing homes has been really valuable to Karbon and the feedback from residents has been fantastic. We’re hoping the rest of the housing sector will get behind them too.”

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