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John and Beryl gain confidence from home adaptations

Updated: May 1

Meet John and Beryl, residents of Johnnie Johnson Housing, who have shared their experience of moving into a new apartment with fitted adaptations that support them in and around the home.

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The value of adaptations

Johnnie Johnson Housing has partnered with Invisible Creations to provide their residents with stylish accessible options to help them live more independently.

Johnnie Johnson Housing, with a history of providing quality homes with great service for over 50 years, immediately saw the value of Invisible Creations home adaptation products.

"Invisible Creations has been an ideal partner for us at Johnnie Johnson Housing. We share a common vision of enhancing quality of life through thoughtful design. Invisible Creations' products are 'Designed with Dignity,' keeping the needs and preferences of the residents at the forefront...

‘The products blend seamlessly into residents' homes...’

"Our residents who are using Invisible Creations products daily have provided tremendously positive feedback. The products blend seamlessly into residents' homes, while providing subtle assistance during daily activities. This unobtrusive support allows residents to live longer, better and more independently in their own homes." Says Kathryn Fox-Rogers, the Chief Operating Officer at Johnnie Johnson housing.

Installing confidence

Two residents of the housing provider, John and Beryl recently moved into a new apartment, featuring the Plant Pot Holder Rails, Mirror Rail, Toilet Roll Holder, and Shower Shelf.

‘It’s a great adaptation’

‘‘The bathroom’s exceptional, we have a toilet roll holder and a shelf bracket (mirror) above the sink from Invisible Creations and they perform a dual purpose, they're also grab rails and for me that was a great adaptation to have’’ says John.

In a recent video capturing their experience, Beryl shares how the adapted apartment has given her more confidence and made a significant difference to her life.

Watch the video here:

Future products and projects

Invisible Creations are thrilled to be making such a difference to the daily lives of people across the nation. We have plans to continue growing the product range, like the Plant Pot Holder Rails. We want to take the benefit and style aspects of our products beyond the bathroom. Ensuring people have the confidence to live comfortably in their own homes for as long as possible.

‘We're excited about new Invisible Creations products’

"We look forward to continuing our partnership with Invisible Creations. We're excited about new Invisible Creations products that will further empower residents' independence and improve their daily lives." Says Kathryn Fox-Rogers, the Chief Operating Officer at Johnnie Johnson housing.

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If you are interested in any of the products featured in this video, they are listed here:

If you’re a housing provider, we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in adapting your own home...

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