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Kelly's Stylish Grab Rails

Updated: May 1

We're delighted that our products are making such a positive difference to people's lives, people of all ages and at all stages! Here is Kelly's story...

My name is Kelly, I'm chronically ill, disabled and plus size. I live with my wife, two dogs, and two cats. I am passionate about disability advocacy, accessibility and equality.

Founder of Invisible Creaitons, Laura Wood, is stood next to customer Kelly Allbutt holding her plant pot holder grab rail which is next to her front door

My friend shared with me a while ago about a scheme called Homes for Living, run by EON. Homes for Living is a scheme designed to support your mobility, wellbeing and independence, offering free and attractive home aids and equipment designed to give you more freedom in your home. They've secured Government funding for the scheme and Invisible Creations are working in partnership with E.ON, PROCare and Newcastle University. Invisible Creations is a British company who design and create stylish grab rails.

The process to apply for the products was quite simple. I just filled in some basic information and answered a few questions about what I needed help with. I waited a few weeks for the response, then got a phone call to arrange for PROCare to come to my house.

Customer Kelly stands outside her front door next to her invisible creations plant pot holder grab rail with two PROCare employees

They arrived and were lovely, smiley and chatty, which put me at ease. It felt similar to an occupational therapy assessment, they asked me where I needed help, what I'm struggling with, then they got some products from their van to show me. I wasn't obligated to have anything I didn't want, but there were lots of products I was happy to have. Before fitting the products, they checked my height and the position I needed them.

Normal grab rails generally are dull and boring, but functional. They're not designed with style in mind; it's like whoever designed them thought disabled people don't have style or a personality, they're just disabled. Since I've been disabled, I've noticed the world seems to forget that I'm still a 29 year old woman with likes and dislikes. I still want to be house proud, and don't always want constant reminders that I need help. There are lots of other mobility aids that companies have given personality to like crutches and walking sticks; but until I was introduced to Invisible Creations, I didn't realise it could be done with grab rails too.

"Even though my mobility changes day to day depending on my pain levels, fatigue and balance, I use grab rails all throughout my home. It helps me feel more secure about doing things on my own. I'm not talking about climbing a mountain, but it's nice to be able to go to the toilet or get in the shower independently. Since having Invisible Creations products installed I don't feel as vulnerable. I'm less likely to fall, and if I do I know I can get myself back up again."

A shelf with a grab rail incorporated

Invisible Creations products are multipurpose as many of them are also shelves, toilet roll holders and plant pot holders. Their products don't look like grab rails while still having the ability to be used as one. I use a corner shelf and towel rail in the shower, and a shelf rail and toilet roll holder around the toilet. They also installed a flower pot grab rail at the front and back door, and sleek grey grab rails by the front door and down the side of my house to help me walk the length of my drive safely.

They currently have two ranges, the Standard and the Elegance. I love both styles but I think the Elegance is my favourite. My favourite product changes day to day but at the moment it's the Elegance Corner Shelf. It sits in the corner next to my shower, matches my bathroom and doesn't stand out and say 'she's vulnerable'. It's helped me get in and out of the shower mostly independently and it's great for storage. All the products are easy to keep clean and are very sturdy.

A corner shelf next to the shower which is also a grab rail

"It makes me happy to know I can use my house a little more independently, and that my house doesn't scream 'disabled' even though I have lots of grab rails to help me."

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