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Sheila's Secret Planter

Introducing Sheila's Secret Planter...

Adding to the sleek and stylish outdoor range, this cleverly designed planter brings together style, safety, security and peace of mind by incorporating both a handy grab rail and a hidden key safe feature. The Secret Planter not only promotes movement and activity around the garden with a secure grab rail incorporated into the design, but provides extra security and reassurance by hiding your key safe from view. The planter smoothly slides across the rail to reveal the secret key safe for those who need to access it and also includes illuminating features that help light it up in the dark.

Continuing the legacy of Sheila, who inspired the creation of our products, we're delighted to be naming this product in her honour. Style, sophistication and sass was in abundance with Sheila, and we think this product has all of that and more, which is why we're so pleased to bring you Sheila's Secret Planter - designed with dignity to help keep you safe, active and stylish.

The Secret Planter comes with the option to style it yourself with your own plants and flowers or if you'd like something pre-made let us know and we can include a flower arrangement for you.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Invisible Creations!

For more info on the Secret Planter get in touch -

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