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Grand Designs LIVE

The experience of lockdown and the general business of modern life reminds us that finding solace in the spaces we inhabit has become increasingly vital. Our homes, once merely shelters, now have the potential to not just offer comfort but also nurture our physical and mental health.

Grand Designs LIVE

This week, Invisible Creations visited Grand Designs LIVE in London, and within the impressive agenda of style and sustainability, we were inspired by the small but promising focus on health and well-being through design.  

Panel session at Grand Designs LIVE
Grand Designs LIVE panel session on wellbeing

‘The Wellbeing in Design’ panel session, recognised the profound impact that the built environment can have on our wellbeing. Through a discussion with field professionals, including Charlie Lemmer, an expert in interior design and health, and Saleem A Jalil, CEO of Resters Architects, many angles on the subject were shared with us, such as how to maximise natural light and optimise sleep. 

Perceptions on accessibility

In the realm of interior design, achieving a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality is now more attainable than ever. However, it's widely held that incorporating accessibility into the mix results in a very unwelcome option. The truth is that for far too long people with mobility difficulties have been served ugly and unwanted products for too long.  

Two people holding a grab rail
Kelly Albutt, disability ambassador with Laura Wood, Founder of Invisible Creations, holding the Plant Pot Grab Rail

”'s like ...disabled people don't have style or a personality, they're just disabled.... I'm still a 29-year-old woman with likes and dislikes. I still want to be house proud, and don't always want constant reminders that I need help”. Says disability ambassador Kelly Allbutt

Accessible style

Invisible Creations are revolutionising the landscape. We firmly believe that accessibility shouldn't mean sacrificing style. Our versatile, dual purpose grab rails are available in a range of finishes, seamlessly blending into any home decor. Meanwhile, our affiliate company PROCare has transformed the traditional accessible wet room from clinical to chic and sophisticated. 

An accessible wet room in bathroom
A stylish accessible bathroom designed by PROCare

The sooner we embrace sleek and stylish accessible design, the quicker we can take significant strides in future-proofing our homes to accommodate temporary or permanent disability and ageing in place. From reducing falls to aiding caregivers, the profound impact of home design on health and wellbeing outcomes cannot be overstated. As highlighted, it's fantastic to witness the emphasis on wellbeing at Grand Designs, and we eagerly anticipate an increasing emphasis of the beneficial role that interior design can play in our health. 


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