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Emma's Story

Updated: May 1

We are so proud of the way our products are positively impacting our customer's lives and we are so glad that we can get in touch with them and find out just how our grab rails have helped them so far. This particular customer chose the Plant Pot Holder Grab Rail and in our interview, tells us her experience.

Here is Emma's story.

My name's Emma, this is my dog Luna, I have lived in Staffordshire for 13 years and I used to be a nurse but gave up when I got bad arthritis.

Woman swapping plants around in plant pot holder grab rail

I got the Plant Pot Holder Rail because I was on Facebook and saw an advert from EON offering grants. I thought it looked really nice and I do struggle getting in and out but I didn't want an old granny rail.

I’ve had people come knocking on the door asking where I've got it from because it looks pretty and they don't realise it’s a grab rail which is what you want, I think.

Purple and white flowers in a rectangle plant pot placed inside the plant pot holder grab rail with a woman holding onto it

It's important because it stops me falling and getting injured, but more than that, people give you nice compliments about it as opposed to thinking 'that's a disabled person'. And whilst I have got disabilities, I'm a normal person my walking just isn't great.

" I could show you photographs of bad injuries from coming out the house and falling. I have actually broken two door handles using them to get in and out of the house so the hand rail has really saved me money as well"

woman arranging flowers in a rectangle plant pot inside the plant pot holder grab rail

The reason I didn't have one of the grab rails is that, I did actually get one but it didn't look nice so when I saw this I just thought it would be ideal.

grab rail with incorporated plant pot holder attached to a wall with lots of pink flowers in it
"I didn't want an old granny rail because I think it makes you look vulnerable, and it makes you look old. And I'm not old, not in my head anyway"

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